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Giant lizard stomping through New York City what will be next. It starts in the south part of the Pacific Ocean where atomic testing is done. The French government set the bomb off on a near by island you see iguana dispersing, but are their eggs on the island. They are shrouded by the snow from the nuclear bomb going off. Years later we zoom to a fishing boat where you see wrestling on TV, and fishing gutting on this ship. All at once the ship is being destroyed, and things are flying around. Only one man survives the shipwreck, and the man is a mess. He saw something terrible. He was radioactive and chanting the “Gojira” repeatly.

Nick Tatopoulos is from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He is studying earth worms in Chernobyl, singing the song “I’m singing in the rain”. He drives the worms out of the earth for study. We will later learn that they are seventeen percent larger than normal. Nick Tatopoulos is immediately taken off in helicopter to an island called Papeete, Tahiti. Where you see across the island are alot of gigantic footsteps. Then we go to the shoreline where you see a ship wrecked on shore. It has huge tears as if some giant monster literally grabs it and clawed through like a can opener. Nick takes samples of some organism found in one of the tears in the metal of the ship. Some more strange events are occurring three fishing trawlers were pull under the sea. Which would lead Nick to believe that what pulled the trawlers underneath the water was not a dinosaur? It was much larger Audrey is a reporter who works for Charles Caiman in New York. She was originally Nick’s girlfriend before taking off New York to pursue her career as a news reporter.

Mean while at the fishing docks in New York men are unloading fish from crates, and an old fisherman decides he wants to go fishing, and catch him a whopper of a fish. A whopper will be getting, so he castes his line eventually losing the pole, and all. When suddenly the water raises to tidal wave proportion it heads towards the fisherman. Something is busting the pier while the fisherman is running. Meanwhile we hear noises of something huge then it appears a huge monster resembling a gigantic lizard. It is carrying the trawlers it pulled under the water. Godzilla is the name of this monster. Now don’t mistake this monster tom be the Godzilla in Japan. This is a completely different monster. It rampages through New York while the Army chases him. This monster is very keen. It out smarts the choppers chasing. The army can not understand how a monster over 200 feet tall can disappear in mid air. He went underground. They try to lure out several times only Godzilla manages to escape each time.

The French CIA have been involved since the beginning of the movie. Nick Tatopoulos gets fired from his job because of Audrey stealing the tape. Nick later joins The French CIA, and helps them to retrieve the tape. The Question remains as to why is Godzilla here. Nick figures it out it came to the island or Staten Island to give birth. The main thing was to locate the eggs. They find the eggs in Madison Square Garden, but they find more then would have hoped. They found over two hundred eggs. Meanwhile Godzilla has just escaped in the river where he is attacked, and everyone thinks Godzilla is dead. Back at the garden Audrey and Nick finally get through to the army telling to destroy the garden with all the eggs inside.

They do just that. When everything had calm down a familiar sound has come on to the scene Nick and Audrey, and the crew turn around to see that Godzilla is not dead. Godzilla notices his young are dead and gets really pissed off. They run jump into a cab, and are being chased through the streets of Staten Island where they end up on the Brooklyn Bridge. Godzilla gets hung up in the cables. A command is sent out to Jets to make a return trip, and finish the job. They fire on Godzilla killing him. Meanwhile back at the garden where everything is ion fire except one area which is smoky. There is an egg still left it hatches with the baby inside of it. This would be the start of another movie that would never come to be.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley