Godzilla 1998 and the Fan Boys

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Godzilla 1998 and the Fan Boys

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com

Why oh why after 19 years?

Why is it that we still have the so-called hard-core Godzilla fans as I would like to call them Godzilla elitists, trollers, or Godzilla fan boys? I know they don’t like being called that, but it is what it is. To me if you are going to stand there and criticize a movie that is clearly a decent Kaiju movie and you go out of your way to say that it is absolutely horrible then you my fans are not a fan of Godzilla only certain aspects of Godzilla.

Now don’t get me wrong I know people are entitled to their opinions, but some of these so-called hard-core Godzilla fans or a little overly opinionated and very harsh with their opinions especially towards the fans that do appreciate the movie. To me this is troubling as I will tell you this there is a ripple in the fan base because of this and these Godzilla elitists only like certain aspects of our Godzilla.

Just because it has a different interpretation as in my opinion that is a refreshing take on Godzilla and I did not mind that it was completely different than any other Godzilla, but when you go on the hate train and simply hate the movie because it is a little too different for your taste that my friends is the reason why this is not a good genre to be in until you people change.

Here’s another thing that gets on my nerves about the so-called hard-core Godzilla fans then want to blame the actual fans who actually like Godzilla 1998 as they are the cause to the whole ripple in the genre or the fan base. It seems the so-called friends that hate Godzilla 1998 want to blame the fans who do like Godzilla 1998 as being the problem as to why there is a ripple in this fandom. You my friends are in denial. I will tell you this I have no respect for people who simply trash a movie because it is completely different and most of the Godzilla films have their quirks, but I do not see you guys trashing on those movies as much as you do this one.

I will tell you this because of all the hate out there based on this movie I am not so much a big fan of Godzilla because of it. It’s literally left a bad taste in my mouth and what I’m trying to say is you people need to get over it and move on after 19 years “Come on People” now I know there’s a lot of people out there that would hate the movie would simply say that I would be contributing to the hate in the fandom one in fact I am not. I am just simply addressing what you haters out there have created.

Anyway I will tell you a story because of all the highly opinionated hard-core Godzilla fans who think its okay to trash people’s comments in Facebook and other social media in such a harsh way that it seems like you fans out there seem to think “how dare you like Godzilla 1998” attitude I will have to say I’ve dealt with this for better part of two years before actually seeing Godzilla 2014. In the certain Facebook that I was in for a better part of two years which I will not name any way I got tired of all the harsh comments and trashing of Godzilla 1998 that I finally left the group after two years. This is the reason why this fandom is the way it is.

After dealing with it for two years as I mentioned earlier it’s left a bad taste in my mouth and I really don’t care too much for all the hate within this fandom and by the time I actually saw Godzilla 2014 I was not really interested in the movie. It has grown on me since though there are some things I don’t like about the movie. There are those fans who want to stand there and compare this movie to Godzilla 1998 and say that this movie is a better movie when in fact it is not, and I don’t mean that in a negative way I mean you’re trying to compare it to apples and oranges. Godzilla 1998 felt more like a Kaiju movie to me then Godzilla 2014.

Now I understand why you would think that Godzilla 2014 for you hard-core Godzilla fans like the original aspects and spiritual nature of Godzilla that we all grew up and learned to appreciate about Godzilla, but that’s not the most important thing Godzilla in himself can change as you clearly see especially in the new anime film Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, and I want you to go ahead and trash that me just like you did Godzilla 1998 and they were for at least 20 years. The reason why it is a different origin based Godzilla a different interpretation so you need to go ahead and hate that film as well. Go for it!

By the time Godzilla 2014 came out I will say it did lack a lot of things in that film. This is where you guys appreciate this film because this Godzilla as the indestructible nature though we can be hurt as we seeing at the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge when they shot missiles at his gills and he did have an atomic breath which I thought was cool looking. Just not that destructive only because the Muto and their EMP pulse affected as atomic breath hopefully by the time we see Godzilla King of Monsters which will be coming out in 2019 looking forward to that movie. Because it has my all-time favorite enemy of Godzilla King Ghidorah.

Anyway getting back on track I think you fans are entitled to not like the movie however after 19 years you are still trashing it as if it was shown yesterday you need to get over this and keep your opinions to yourselves as we fans are actually getting tired of your negativity. Anyway as you can tell I am a fan of Godzilla 1998. However I am not a fan of all the negativity that was created within this fandom.

I am a fan of all aspects of Godzilla, so you can say I am a real fan of Godzilla and not being picky about certain aspects about Godzilla. Don’t get me wrong there are certain things that I don’t like about certain Godzilla films but not to the point that I’m going to literally trash in human after 19 years there is something wrong with you guys when you stand there and he movie got much.

I think that’s absolutely immature. Anyway you know how I feel about you guys I tolerate you and that’s that hopefully you guys will someday get pass this probably after some 200 years in the future because after 19 years you still doing it, so I don’t see you change anytime soon. I think most fans who appreciate all aspects of Godzilla wish this aspect of the negativity within this fandom would change, so we need to get past this and actually learn to appreciate all aspects of the Godzilla fandom.


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