Godzilla American-Style

An Understanding of Godzilla 1998

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Released on May 20, 1998

Running Time 139 minutes

Rating PG-13

Movie Company-Sony release of TriStar pictures presentation of a Centropolis Entertainment Production in association with Fried Films and Independent Pictures.

Short Synopsis

This is a story about a lizard that is exposed to French nuclear testing in the South Pacific and mutated into a new, gigantic species of reptile that obviously can reproduce asexually and does threaten the existence of man here on planet earth. It is dubbed “Gojira” by a very superstitious Japanese sailor who happens to bastardize the name Godzilla bastardize reporter on TV. The beast eventually makes his way to Manhattan were wreaks havoc all through the city and is chased by Apache helicopter forces and somehow manages to slip into the East River and down underneath the Madison Square Garden where he lays all his eggs and suddenly all of the eggs hatch we have a bunch of baby Godzilla’s floating around only to be destroyed by jets and that Godzilla in the way that injuries the taxicab altar New York City only to get stuck on the Brooklyn Bridge himself and the very same jets managed to kill him on the Brooklyn Bridge.

How It All Began

It was back in 1992 when Sony pictures Japan decided to take on creating a new film that they will call Godzilla so they acquired the rights from the Toho Company and create a new movie for an American release. After acquiring the rights to Godzilla it would literally be four years in the making and they can’t seem to get this movie off the ground on sale they hired Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin alongside them would be special effects director Patrick Tatopoulos they would eventually sit in on a Tokyo conference room with the members of the Toho Motion Picture Company and their top brass. This would include Shogo Tomiyama and Koichi Kawakita who if you don’t know did all the special-effects for most of the Heisei Series Godzilla films over there in Japan. The producer and special effects director are now meeting what would be known as a historic meeting with the future of TriStar pictures new movie they call respectively Godzilla and this is a proposed fell that had languished in Hollywood’s development hell for the past four years that I have mentioned.


Because of the success of Roland Emmerich sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day it did spell out and knows uncertain terms that he would be given the faltering project. However the only way this would happen is if the Toho Company and the TriStar picture company would give him and Dean Devlin the producer and writing partner who was actually hospitalized in Germany and could not attend the meeting because of that absolute creative control over this movie. Also the Japanese would have to accept the new look of Godzilla that was designed by Patrick Tatopoulos.

The man of the Toho Company were very hesitant about the looks of the new Godzilla and there were also adamant about how the image and to ensure that their monster a folk hero is a homeland was respectably treated by the American studio. As a matter of fact the Toho Company literally sat down and in writing they wrote a series of commandments establishing the parameters of the King of monsters on stage visual and personal effects to the monster. The first part of the commandments was that Godzilla’s birth must be a result of nuclear explosions. Godzilla also has to have a four clause on its hand and feet. Godzilla also has to have three rows of dorsal fins or dorsal plates along the spine and Godzilla cannot eat people and also the most important fact Godzilla cannot die and as we already know that wasn’t the case.

According to Time magazine this entire commandments were compiled into a 75 page Bible written and legalized by the Toho lawyers. It was also followed by a letter that this Bible ensures that any American Godzilla would largely resemble the Japanese namesake, but Emmerich’s agenda was to convince the monsters Corporation guardians to relax the reins. There was a certain point within the meeting there Roland Emmerich unveiled a sculpt Marquette all Patrick Tatopoulos is new Godzilla design and the Toho man of the Toho Company reacted with such stunned silence the creature was upright walking you toward reptile, but whereas the old Godzilla was stocky plotting city flattener this was a very sleek design and they were not pleased with this.


Roland Emmerich proceeds to explain to the Japanese guys the biggest difference would be that this creature is very lean and very fast and he also told them “guys, we could do this like this, all we don’t do it at all… You’ll have to find someone else.” The meeting was immediately disbanded and Emmerich was told he’d received Toho decision tomorrow. Much to their surprise the Toho Company’s chief executive Isao Matsuaka Jaden the green light for the project at 10 AM the next day. According to Dean Devlin later told special-effects magazine that “they [Toho] took a long time in deciding… And then they said, “We love this look, we love your idea and we back you 100%. Go do it.”

Because this Godzilla so drastically redesign that it really seem like a rebirth of Godzilla. This is what Patrick Tatopoulos said in time magazine and he also said “the Japanese told me that the new Godzilla is miles away from the old creature but that I kept the spirit,” over the next year and a half Roland Emmerich made his Godzilla film full of loopholes that barely masked the fact he violated key points in the Toho Bible. Among the key points that he violated were is that his souped-up lizard did in fact eat people off camera, several Godzilla babies devoured the soldiers in a full grown beast tried to swallow her taxicab fool people and the creature definitely does die however a hatchling manages to survive at the end of the film ensuring the survival of this particular species.

Perhaps the worst part about the whole entire film is that Roland Emmerich did away with Godzilla’s atomic breath substituting it with a hurricane-force gaseous snort that ignites when it comes in contact with fire. Despite a huge hype machine that led the masses to expect an incredible reworking of the Japanese favorite monster Roland Emmerich film was really a remake of The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Plus it also riffs carbon copies of the Jurassic Park what none of that film’s terror or pathos. The ending however was stolen or the idea was stolen from it is about a big creature that gets trapped on top of the famous New York skyscraper the Empire State building and falls to his death due to airplane shooting at him this particular ending is not that much different he get shot by missiles from F-18’s and eventually dies on the Brooklyn Bridge.

maxresdefault NEW

Most significantly this movie fast to supplant memories of the old Godzilla films and on the contrary the American public became openly nostalgic for the real thing even though it did rose upwards to $300 million in theaters worldwide the film was largely viewed as a failure. Long before Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin got their hands on this Godzilla TriStar pictures had developed another screenplay actually hired another director and had a very different approach in mind.

In the Beginning

This is how it all began the actual deal between TriStar pictures and the Toho Company for an American release of Godzilla was announced way back in October 1992 it would be more than four 5 ½ years before Roland Emmerich spell would appear on screen. The TriStar picture company agreed to pay the Toho Company and-front fee of $400,000 plus other, undisclosed terms for rights to make a big budget Godzilla film. The actual deal reportedly came from Godzilla’s longtime representative Henry G Saperstein. Saperstein had not coproduced a Godzilla movie since the terrible Mechagodzilla which came out in 1975 however the monster was still making money for him in the early 1990s his United Productions of America was the official licensing agent for Godzilla merchandising in the United States.

This particular company controls the TV and home video rights to several Toho/UPA titles including Godzilla Versus Monster Zero, War of the Gargantuan, and Frankenstein Conquers the World. Saperstein often refers to Godzilla as “the golden goose,” was determined to see that the monster, at long last, lay a gigantic golden eight. For about 10 years Saperstein pressured the Toho Company to make one Godzilla film here in America as he told FilmFax magazine back in 1994. Regretfully Saperstein did die in July 1998 two months after Godzilla was released in the theaters.


Reliving a Legend

As of May 1993 it was announced that the screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott had eventually done a rewriting and reimagining on the animated Disney feature Aladdin that came out in 1992 they were hired to write an original Godzilla script. Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott seem an odd choice for such a big assignment especially in comparison to the other high profile writers that were actually considered. This would include heart kingpin Clive Barker who reportedly came up with the story ideals that the studio considered “too dark” (LOL) and the predator screenwriter Jim Thomas and John Thomas. It would be throughout the entire year of 1993 that there was no mention about a director although Tim Burton and Joe Dante were actually considered however it was rumored to be a Studios top candidate and probably because both had previously paid homage to the King of monsters. Burton gave Godzilla and King Ghidorah can’t cameos and pay raise big adventure and actual footage from Godzilla versus bio entity was later inserted into his movie Mars attack!.

Joe.in fact expressed skepticism about the viability of the project telling Starlog magazine back in 1993. The TriStar picture company have quite a job ahead of them trying to turn Godzilla into what they’re talking about, which is a movie that will attract major stars. I don’t know what you do with this time-warm plot that can be new enough to make it something special. As you can see the patterns here are not totally please with the actual script writing of Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott as they both turned into their first draft script on November 11, 1993 there were still no word as to who withheld the picture. It would be by the spring of 1994 that there were rumors of the project have been turned down by everyone on TriStar’s short list of directors. This would include Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis and prophetically it would later turn out to be Roland Emmerich.


Who at this time just recently made the movie Stargate. The studio also tried to talk to second string directors and that would include Sam Raimi did the Evil Dead movies, Barry Sonnerfield who did the movie “The Addams Family” and Joe Johnston who actually did the movie “The Racketeer”. Anyway to make a long story short tandem goal with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin and they decided to go ahead and create their own script in their movie and thus we got the movie that so many people are disappointed with because it. It did not have the spirit of Godzilla simply because it in go by the Toho Company’s Bible if they went with the Bible I am sure things would’ve been a lot different today


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